The modular installation Journal of Efflorescence consists of multiple components defined by an organic shape. The work refers to the general splendor of nature, combining fragments of life, intimate spheres, and dreamy scenes.

The components are made of small painted details, which blown up to a new big reality. For Lim A Po, each component is an abstraction of what once was. They await their transformation, which takes place once the components have found their place. The result is very layered: optically three-dimensional with a strong sense of depth. It's a play of assembling, disassembling, and reassembling, looking for symbiosis.

For this installation Lim A Po transforms small details of her linen painted cut outs to a digital platform: the base for this installation. Every cut out is selected by its texture, form, and details, after which Lim A Po adds color and gradients to each piece. Adding this digital layer provides Lim A Po an unlimited creative freedom; small details are offered a blown-up existence and the digital color pallet is inexhaustible.